With the help of 13 factors, stocks are valued weekly. Each factor can get the value +1, 0 or -1. The sum of the points gives the Levermann-Score. Based on this score, and depending on the business sector and the size of the company being analyzed, the stock can be classified as “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell”. Based on fundamental and technical data, the Levermann-Strategy makes a precise and emotionfree assessment possible.

1. Return on Equity
2. EBIT-Margin
3. Equity Ratio
4. Price-Earnings-Ratio Actual Year
5. Price-Earnings-Ratio Average 5Y
6. Analyst Opinions
7. Reaction to quarterly figures release
8. Profit Revision
9. Price change 6 months
10. Price change 12 months
11. Price Momentum
12. Reversaleffect
13. Profit Growth
(14.) Market Cap
(15.) Business


 Large Caps >= 4 Points

Small und Mid Caps >= 7 Points

 Large Caps: 3 Points

Small und Mid Caps: 5-6 Points

 Large Caps <= 2 Points

Small und Mid Caps <= 4 Points